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Varun Mundra is an art director & visual designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Project 1 The Inn of The Five Graces
The Inn of The Five Graces is an exquisite hotel in the heart of Santa Fe that needed a complete brand refresh and a new direction for social. I created a new visual identity that captures the essence of the property, as well as a social playbook, and print assets. Working with Studio Symphony, we also directed a photoshoot of the property that brought new life to the hotel.

In collaboration with: Ryan Knowles, Maud Deitch, Puxan Photo
Field: Branding, Strategy
Project 2 Mellow Giraffe
Mellow Giraffe is a CBD wellness brand that required help expanding their visual identity. I worked on creating their packaging and crafted the product consumer experience for their brand. 

The packaging mimics the pattern of the giraffe, and the messaging welcomes all wellness consumers -- novice and experts alike, to this new journey.

P.S. A group of giraffes is called a journey!

In collaboration with: Ryan Knowles
Field: Branding, Packaging

A collection of zines and tiny publications designed through risograph and other media, exploring the boundaries of independant publishing and book making.

The collection includes:
A riso zine based on Empty and Full plates of food
A tiny book of sunsets and patterns
A riso poster of a Nuclear plant
A riso zine of collected receipts of my favorite meals and recipes
A riso zine of Hamlet
A book documenting coping habits of my classmates in March 2020

Field: Publishing, Editorial
Where: Pratt Institute
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Project 4Studio Symphony 
Symphony is a branding and production studio based in NYC. I was asked to expand their visual identity, and create a brand book that reflects their ethos -- bringing harmony to brand building.

In collaboration with: Ryan Knowles
Field: Branding

Project 5World of Coupe
Coupe is a sparkling wine brand based out of France. To create the world of Coupe, I looked into French New Wave cinema to base the look for the brand. It combines old elegance and glamour with modern, contemporary design to form the world of Coupe.

In collaboration with: Ryan Knowles
Field: Branding

Project 6Prattonia 2021
Art directed, and designed a 208-page book for Pratt Institute’s Class of 2021. The book is designed to stand as a relic that encapsulates the students’ final year at Pratt during the pandemic, offering moments of reflection, nostalgia, and perseverance. The book features over 1200 student portraits mimicking screens of interaction, along with interviews shining light on student voices.

In collaboration with: MaKara Blake, Jessica Lee
Support from: Michael Kelly, Duncan Hamilton
Field: Editorial

Link: Full Prattonia 2021 Book

Project 7 Made in India
Made in India is a visual art book designed as an ode to the Indian culture and its design. It examines various ephemera and understands their cultural significance and design value. My examination of my culture was deeply rooted in research, collection, and abstraction, and I looked into film and cinema, print ads, local signage, design objects.

The pages are designed as informative landscapes of visual storytelling that come together to form a book. I extracted symbols, historical contexts, meanings & translations for several objects of the culture to provide a richer examination.

The book is an homage to the vibrancy and visual identity of the culture through an on-going archival, and abstraction of the elements- all of which resulted in an aesthetic that is very tactile, energetic, and abstracted in itself.

Field: Editorial, Visual Storytelling
Where: Pratt Institute

Project 8PS6 Center for Film + Television
A new visual identity and deliverables designed by me pitched to PS6 in Newburgh, NY. The proposed branding direction brings energy, creativity, and innovation to the building.

Where: Design Corps, Pratt Institute
Field: Branding

Project 9 Jokebox
Jokebox is an interactive object that allows the user to hear a “knock-Knock” joke at their command. I was inspired by the concept of novelty objects, and over-engineered products and wanted to build a box that took multiple steps to achieve a simple task.

The jokebox is powered by an arduino with original code and programming.

Where: NYU Tandon
Field: Physical Computing

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